What’s a Fractional Financial Controller and Why Might Your Business Need One?

As businesses grow, they often face a common challenge: the need for specialized roles without the budget for full-time hires. A financial controller is a prime example—vital for many small businesses, yet often too costly to employ in-house.

Previously, the only option was to push forward with the resources at hand, hoping to eventually afford a full time financial controller. 

Today, however, the advent of outsourcing has provided a new solution: the Fractional or Part Time Financial Controller. 

Freelance Financial Controller - Why do I need one?
Outsourced Financial Controller Services Explained

Defining the Fractional Financial Controller

A Fractional or Part Time Financial Controller is a senior-level team member who oversees the accounting department. They’re responsible for managing accounting operations, ensuring accurate financial records, and reporting to the CFO or Business Owner. Unlike a traditional financial controller, a Fractional Financial Controller operates remotely, offering their services on a part-time or as-needed basis.

Find out how outsourced Financial Controller Services can assist your business. 

Does your Business need a Fractional Financial Controller?

If you’re considering a Financial Controller and are potentially looking at outsourced Financial Controller Services and what they could do for you, ask yourself a few questions.

Day to Day Business Accounting

Are you struggling to oversee your business’s bookkeeping? Are there issues within your accounting department that need attention?

A Fractional Financial Controller can manage the daily financial details, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. They can also implement strategies to streamline accounting processes, making them more efficient and reliable.

In case of discrepancies in the books, a Fractional Financial Controller can pinpoint the problems and develop solutions to address them.

Management Accounts and Reporting

There may be many reasons why a business may need reliable management accounts and information on a regular basis. They may be for internal purpose to ensure everything is on track or for investor / financiers to give peace of mind that their investment is well looked after.

Facing Year End and Audits with Confidence

Year End Account preparation and Audits are an inevitable aspect of business. A Fractional Financial Controller can help prepare for them by ensuring compliance with all reporting requirements and tax filings. They can liaise with external accountants / auditors to ensure a smooth process and most often reduce compliance costs due to the higher standard of accounting.

Supporting Your Finance Director

If you have a Finance Director who’s overwhelmed, a Fractional Financial Controller can lighten their load. By dividing the workload, they can enhance the efficiency of your financial and accounting departments.

Find out how outsourced Financial Controller Services can assist your business.