is it time you forgot
about accountancy?

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend as little time or effort thinking about accountancy, bookkeeping and tax filings as possible? If you’d wanted to spend your days looking at numbers, you’d have become an accountant – but you didn’t 

With In The Cloud Accountancy you’ll have more time to do the things you love doing. And you’ll spend less time staring at spreadsheets or worrying whether your business is making money. 

The data you need will be in the palm of your hand – any time and on any device.

Over 20 years experience

With over 20 years experience you can rest assured that your company's accountancy needs are in good hands.

Chartered Management Accountants in Essex

Providing a comprehensive, fully qualified and tailored service for each client.

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Reliable and Flexible Accountancy

We pride ourselves on providing flexible and reliable accountancy services to fit and suit all needs.


leave it with us.

We are truly ‘In The Cloud’ as a fully paperless accountancy practice. You will be given access to our Practice Portal when you join us, making communications, information sharing and the all important sign off of documents convenient and hassle free.
We provide you with the digital tools to ensure dealing with your accounts and us is as simple as possible,  we use Apps such as Hubdoc to make collecting of your bills and invoices quick and easy to do.


If you’re a limited company, partnership or sole trader it’s time to join the paperless, effortless world of Xero cloud-based accountancy. We’ll get you set up quickly and take care of your payroll, returns and filings to keep everything in order. 

If you need more in-depth management accounting or advice we can help with that too.  We will get to know your business and ensure that we recommend the services that your business needs and none that you don’t.

Fixed monthly fees.

Enjoy the benefits of accountancy in the cloud. 

Find the ideal package for your size and type of business:

A little about us.

Hello,  My name is Alex Eagleson, I founded In The Cloud Accountancy Ltd in 2010.

I hadn’t planned on being an accountant, I was backpacking around Australia after finishing University with still no clue what I wanted to do, when funds started to run low, I was lucky enough to get a temp job in an accounts department of the NSW government in Sydney. Within a few weeks I had decided this was the career for me. 

I’ve worked in accounts since 1999 and earned my CIMA qualification in 2008 and became a Chartered Management Accountant. I’ve worked in pretty much all sizes of business, from small construction firms to large PLCs and corporates such as M&S and DHL. 

There’s something hugely satisfying about helping a business get their affairs in order and start to use their financial resources in a positive way. 

I was an early adopter of Xero after seeing the benefits of working from the cloud early on. I’m a certified Xero advisor and experience in Xero Migrations, clean up projects and of course the day to running to ensure clients are getting the best from the system. The cloud means I can spend more time on the activities that add value to the business, rather than just preparing accounts for the tax man.


In The Cloud Accountancy